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We accompany your house search, buying proces, restructuring, renting and property management of your new house in Abuzzo - Italy!


Are you looking for nice houses in Abruzzo, Italy? For permanent living or for a second home? 

We speak your language

Abruzzo Casa International is specialized in helping international clients with finding their dream house. We have high standard services, and we understand your needs. Our people speak (native) English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French and/or Russian. So you can easily communicate in your own language! We know the way in Italy, we know the rules and procedures, and we can get things done.

Searching your dreamhouse, and restructuring

We help you with finding your dream house, the buying proces, arranging the essential things. When you need a renovation or restructuring, we work together with italian specialists and facilitate you with the communication and management of the reconstruction proces.

Property Management

Do you need someone to look after your house when you are abroad? Let us know. We also facilitate in property management.

Tell us what you look for!

If you want more information or a free advice on your topic, please let us know in the form below. Tell us what you are looking for, and we provide you some good house-examples that as good as possible meet your demands!!  We are glad to provide you with free advice for your first questions, or to provide you with some house-examples!!

A presto! (See you soon).

Abruzzo Casa International

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 Our houses:

For an example of our houses, see our dutch website: www.abruzzocasa.nl/Huis-aanbod/

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Free advice or free house-examples

Our services and prices

We understand that buying a house is not a daily routine. For that you want to look around, compare houses, and do a proper investigation of the house you are interested in. In Italy, when you do a bid that is accepted, YOU JUST BOUGHT THE HOUSE!! So it is very very important, that you are very well prepared and that you are absolutely certain you want to buy a specific house, BEFORE you do a BID!!

Therefore, we have split our services into pieces, so you can start low profile with your investigation, and go on and on step by step checking if everything is ok, what are the additional costs, thinking it over and over until you are certain you want to do an offer.. When you finally buy the house you are interested in, all the investigation costs we made specific for the house you are buying (*) are included in the buying commission fee. If you do not buy the house, you only pay for the work, services and activities we did for you in your house orientation proces. 



(plus 21% taxes)

Free intake of your whishes what kind of house are you looking for in Abruzzo, and we will keep our eyes open for you!


Search assignment. We have an extended interview, by phone or skype, to fully understand your needs. 

Than we do the search for you in Abruzzo and we present you minimum 6 and maximum 10 houses according to your needs.

700 euro // 840 US dollar 

Collection of existing italian paperwork *) if you found a house you're interested in, and you want to know more. 

This costs does NOT include the issuing of NEW documents, in case they are absent. These costs come for account of the seller, and we can facilitate it as well:

150 euro // 180 US dollar

- APE (Attestatione Prestazione Energetica) (Energy Report) of the house:

350 euro / 420 US dollar


- The making of new floorplans or other tecnical documents

80 euro per hour engineering work // 96 US dollar per hour engineering work.

Official worth valuation report *) of the house you are interested in.

350 euro // 420 US dollar

Due Dilligence : Check cadastre, check maps, check juridical status of the owner(s), check mortgage, visit to the house with check of the actual state of house and ground is according to the documents in cadaster and commune, check existing rules and legislation from commune and region, check technical state of the house, check existing permissions, check quality of work and documentation for renovations done. We need a mandate of the owner to do this Due Dilligence. This due dilligence is a check of the current state of a house, and excludes "reparation work / legalisation work" or extra documentation.

1.500 euro // 1.800 US dollar

Making a foto and video report for you *), making a visit for you to the house you found. (in Abruzzo)

300 euro // 360 US dollar

Visit a house for you *), you 've found yourself (for example on the internet), or accompany you at your visit to a house you've found in Abruzzo. We will assist you with the italian language, have a look with you at the house, and ask all your question you may have to the italian (?) owner. In case you can not join this visit, we are happy to go there for you, and make foto's and video's for you.

In case you want us to visit 3 or more houses for you, we charge a fee per hour plus travelling costs which is more economical for you.

150 euro // 180 US dollar

+0,25 ct/km traveling costs

Investigation for regional or national grants and subsidy possibilities. For example for buying, restructuring, or making holiday houses,or energetical subsidies.

1.500 euro // 1.800 US dollar

Accompany you to a Italian bank for a mortgage orientation *).

150 euro // 180 US dollar

Accompany you to an Italian bank to open an Italian bank account for non - residents*)

150 euro // 180 US dollar

A Financial and Tax Orientation Consult*) with one of our financial accounting partners, specialized in tax rules for foreigners buying houses in Italy. 

350 euro // 420 US dollar

Opening an Italian Codice Fiscale *)

150 euro // 180 US dollar

Consulting you with the whole buying proces. We will help and advice you throughout the whole buying proces.

5% of the buying value of the house, with a minimum of 4.000 euro // 4.800 US dollar

Our houses

For an example of our houses, see our dutch website: www.abruzzocasa.nl/Huis-aanbod/

Click to see our houses